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Lama Trijam was a Tibetan Lama who came to Australia in 1984 after studying in Tibet since age six. Unfortunately, he died in 2003 after suffering a stroke several years earlier with other complications from Diabetes and Alzheimer's but his work lives on through these two CDs. He carried the full transmission of Tibetan Buddhism as it was before the Chinese invasion. Lama Trijam was working toward establishing meditation centres and a monastery but his health did not hold up.

Both the Mahakala Puja and the Nundro Puja are a unique recording of a traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice. They are special because of the way it was recorded with the one Lama performing all the parts and it may well be the first time that a Lama has ever been multi-tracked in a recording studio. The recordings are extra special because of the clarity and quality of the studio situation and the wonderful cooperation of Lama Trijam.

Tibetan Lamas are noted for their single pointedness and if things go wrong they can dig in their heels and not proceed. We explained it to Lama Trijam by saying that ... it is like he is going from room to room and performing each instrumental and chanting part, and he could hear them all at once, then later we would mix them altogether in one big room.

When he was on the headphones he would hear himself and, just like a beautiful ancient robot, he would synch in and chant and play exactly in time with himself just like he was in a group. We managed to get about 4 chanting parts out of him before he realised what was happening.

These Puja recordings are designed to facilitate students with clear and well documented teachings. On The Mahakala Puja there are loud and complex instrumental breaks that are designed to stimulate and cleanse various areas of the body and mind.

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The Mahakala Puja
This chanting CD, with authentic Tibetan instruments, is primarily designed for students. However, it serves as a fascinating journey into the wo rld of traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings. The effect of the sacred words and sounds evokes an ageless awareness that stimulates the internal energies and provides a useful tool for creative visualisation.

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The Nundro Puja
This essential Tibetan chanting CD is a unique and rare experience that has never before been recorded. It is, in fact, an authentic invitation for beginners of all ages into the Buddhist teachings of compassion and is a vital transmission of spiritual energy. To hear it is both an initiation and an opportunity to forge a link with these ancient, meditative disciplines.

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NEW!! The Chöd Puja - FREE
Listen to and download a FREE recording of Lama Trijam doing a spontaneous performance of The Chöd Puja while recording the two albums above. Lama Trijam performs The Chöd and then goes on to give excerpts from other Pujas as well as various stories about about life in the monastery. There is a full description and translation on the Bandcamp page which you can read by clicking the link in the player below.


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